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Who I Am 


Hey !

My name is Geoffrey, I'm a French/Swiss guy who lives from his passion by making photos and videos. I do this job above all for the pleasure, but also for the emotion I will bring to the people around me.


Based in Switzerland, I love to discover and capture the environment through my lens. 


Born in Senegal, Africa, and having lived there for more than 15 years, I was lucky enough to have a multicultural approach to life.

The culture being so enriched, it allowed me to be the man I am today, someone with a great open mind and who likes to meet new people. 


Bringing positive things in people's lives makes me happier than ever.


This is the reason why I decided to start making videos and photos in order to reach people through my lens and immortalize the different moments of life.


What I do 


I'm able to shoot different kind of project

  • Travel 

  • Commercial

  • Event

  • Interview

  • Real Estate

  • Music vidéo

  • Documentary

  • Wedding

In addition to that I can shoot video in vertical format (Reels) which has become the format of choice for broadcasting on social networks like TikTok or Instagram. 

Each video has a different story and approach. You can watch the few projects I have done by clicking on the logo.


I'm able to take pictures as well to feed your social networks, as to highlight your brand or quite simply to capture the present moment with your families or during events such as a wedding.

You can preview some of my photos by clicking on the logo.


How I Work

I am ready to accompany you in the development of a plan that will bring your ideas to life through one or more video (s) / photo (s).

I take care of both the shooting and all the post-production part until the export of the final project.


We will establish a first contact to talk about your desires and I will give you my ideas to make the best possible rendering.


Once the ideas are found, I'll start shooting the video.


After the shoot is over, I'll start editing the video. All the parts of the sound design, the colorimetry, I'll take care of it.


The last part and not the least, I export the final project. I can export the project for any type of platform like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. Each platform has a different format for broadcasting.

I will then send you the project by google drive or others.

You can then share our work!

Screenshot 2022-02-27 at 14.07.15.png

Material I use 


I use a Sony A7S III for the best quality video. 

This camera has the possibility to shoot in raw format in 4k resolution, which allows me to have more possibilities in editing and colorimetry. 


I use a Sony A7R III for the best image quality.

Its 42 megapixel sensor allows me to print large format photos without losing quality. 


I also have a drone for video and photo.

Having a longer range for shooting, the Mavic 2 pro of DJI is one of my faithful companions.

That's me
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Copyright Geoffrey Cherubin 2022

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