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A sunset to see 

Video filmed in Haute Savoie, near the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Discovering one of the best places to watch the sunset in this region.

Kemetnegre Parisian Artist

Video realized for a Parisian artist who draws atypical paintings that are out of the ordinary. 

You can check her work on her Instagram account.

Red Wine

Video realized for a red wine in format reel.

Time Ep 1

Little short vidéo about: Time

During 1 day I followed Carl, in the streets of Paris and could record him giving us his point of view on the theme of the month of February that I chose: Time

Intro: Time

Time is both our best friend and our worst enemy. We must be able to realize that every day, we lose time by moving away from what we really want, by moving away from what drives us. The time that we waste is in no way recoverable. Once we realize this, it will be easier for us to understand the importance of 24 hours in a day.

Moment of life

Short video of Anne-Marie explaining her feelings about life in general and how she perceives her life.

Start now

Short video about motivation. 

Night Out

Short video filmed in the streets of Geneva featuring Carl in an alternating vision. 

Chasing Happiness

Flashback can take us back to that moment of intense euphoria, when everything seemed possible. We need to live in the moment.

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